I made friends with a very prosperous gold and item hunter. He was a very smart person and had some experience in computer software and hardware. He spent literally half the hours in a day or more to make 10 million coins, and spent day after day racking up incredible amounts of gold. It was all very diligent, and it was all legitimate. Eventually he found a data file in the Red Stone folder that didn't match up to anything he had come across in the game. There was an image file (the reception room) that had the majority of the room blacked out. If you have ever been into the reception room, you know that it's a square room with 1 npc standing in it, and walls and blackness outside of them. It looks like a pretty standard map, except there is no portal to enter and no way of leaving except by a guild clock or portal item. Anyway, on the image he found, the room looked normal but everything else was blackened out. He spent a lot of time figuring out how to manipulate data between the client people play with (the game on their pc) and how it communicates with the game server. Over the next month he tested many, many things and somewhere along the lines he figured out how to get his character to that map with no portals. Once inside, he edited his location on the server to be beyond that square room, into the area outside of it that had all the test npc's that gave gold at 100 million at a time, distributed guild emblem packages, sold incredible items for small amounts of gold, sold minipets and gave quest items and experience.

Since I had become his friend a bit and talked to him a couple of times about starting a private server, he knew I wasn't going to turn him in for mentioning what he had found. I didn't believe him at first, because it sounded like that room was an in-game paradise. He sent me the image with the reception room, that had the surrounding area blacked-out, which made me interested. Over the next week or two I asked him questions about how he did it, but most of his replies were riddles--let's face it, he was the only person who knew how to get in there and he didn't want that to change. I was able, however, to weasal a few things out of him from time to time. I was brainstorming almost constantly and never let on like I understood what he meant. I was afraid the whole time that if I told him I understood what he was trying to tell me, he would stop altogether. So I tested some things of my own to get a feel for how the client communicates with the server, and the things the server would respond to. Things that the server didn't understand or wasn't ready at the time to understand, it would not accept. In other words, the server couldn't be told to give me 50 million gold, because it's not looking to receive any command like that. When I fully understood this concept the weak points in the game started to appear. I used a hint he gave me to get in to the reception room and a few hours later I was beyond the walls of the room.

By standard means, I had obtained a decent collection of items before entering the room. When I looked around and saw everything, I started stashing and hoarding everything that would be useful for my characters.
After stashing roughly 32 billion gold and filling 2 characters full of items I could remove the special stats from to use for trading, I started to log on in town periodically to look for rare items that I could trade them for. My best trade overall was something I paid a few thousand gold for to Teban for a DXU +2 skill earring, breath of goddess. The best legitimate pieces of my collection were: 4 safe cages, 4 hard fists, 2 hollow circles, 3 mustache of nimrassaid, 2 big burglar's shoes, 3 phoenix medals, a butterfly sting, some engagement rings of tartkraft and other rare but less useful items, and many more. The rarest item in my collection was an agile tiger. These items did not have a GM version, except for hard fists and engagement rings, which could not lose their "sharp" prefix--because when you broke a ring it could not be repaired. I have heard that prefixes can now be removed with a cash shop item, but that was not possible before.

I made a guild and put my new characters in it. I also tried a few different emblems in that guild--even emblem packages that were unavailable by standard means. I had made 4 emblem packages myself--all animal. After entering the room, I had cycled through more than 20 emblems within a matter of a few hours.

I only took my mage, CooHatch4, inside very rarely to prevent people from using 'find friend' and seeing that I was in the reception room. I used a couple ring linked between two storage accounts to pull each other into the room without needing to do any more hacking.

I was friends with several of the GM's back then. One in particular played an interesting part in this scheme. It started because I met a person who played like a normal user but spoke the same way as one of the GM's. When I made the connections between those similarities, I sent him some messages and made sure he understood I would keep his secret by offering him some secrets of my own. When I told him about what I had done in the reception room, being a friend, he did not turn me in. Instead, he asked me how I entered. I asked him why he wanted to know--since I assumed he knew about the reception room and could come and go as he pleased with his GM priviledges. He informed me that every GM could jump from map to map, but they always spawned at one location--much like the way using a guild clock always spawns you in the same place. Only one GM, Raiden, had the capability to move across pixels with an extra set of GM tools because he was the overseer from G1. I was somewhat surprised, and told the GM about everything that is outside the walls of the reception room. I also told him what to do to get out beyond the walls and black squares to the npc's. Management within that company was going through some issues, which is why players were neglected for so long. Toward the end of those resolutions, they saw what was happening to the items being released to the server by maxima. They asked the GM's to help figure out where all the trouble started so that they could attempt a server rollback. I specify "attempt" because the server dumped data every now and then--for various reasons it was designed that way--so a rollback could only be done for a certain amount of time. The GM told me they were looking for answers, and asked me who all was involved. He had a list of a couple people that were bad for the game, bad for the community or bug abusers to give to Raiden to delete and/or ip ban. He asked me who I wanted banned and I gave him a couple names. In retrospect, I'm not sure which players from the cumulative list were banned and which were not. This is how I was not banned, myself. I liked to think that it was because I was smooth and slick about what I had been doing, but that wasn't the real reason at all.

During this time, maxima had my account info--though I didn't realize she still had it at the time. She logged onto my account to see what I was doing, and one time, by chance, my character was standing at the bottom of the reception room with the npc's. She already had a couple ring to my character since we were good friends for a long time. She pulled her character in and logged me off, and the rest you know. She kept things secret for a few days, then got so upset with the old company and how inactive they were that she thought handing out all these items would be the best thing for the community. She hoped it would "open the eyes of the GMs" and make them rollback the server and restore Red Stone to it's original state. Unfortunately, she did not know that it would only speed up the decay of the server, and since the company was in turmoil, nobody would be coming to try to save things until it was beyond too late.

In retrospect I wasn't sorry for what I did--I was proud. I didn't regret anything, because the things I did only affected other players minimally. The thing I DO regret, is that I was deceived by someone who I had considered my friend, that her pursuit was misguided. I regret that all of these events combined, caused the nullification of hundreds of thousands of dollars in virtual data and items--mostly that of innocent players and friends. This can be a lesson to all of us--though everyone had to pay for what happened between only a very few--to invest in virtual things wisely, because nothing is certain.

old player says:
naaa... im glad you did what you did.
I have no doubt in my mind that what you did was the properthing to do
CooHatch4 says:
that equals $720,000
why do you feel that way?
because you got your life back with your fiance?
old player says:
Because you brought something that was hidden for years and that helped me discover things about myself that i might not have known by now.
CooHatch4 says:
i'm considering it a win
since i didn't end up in jail or sued into the mud
old player says:
You've helped me in so many ways, i do not belive you will ever know all that you have done for me.
CooHatch4 says:
i don't see how i could have done anything that helped you
old player says:
You made me mad.... you made me sad.
You helped me discover life without redstone.
There isnt 1 weekend that i dont do something with my fiance or friends.
You gave me my life back
CooHatch4 says:
can i copy + paste that in the forum?
old player says:
i would prefer not.
CooHatch4 says:
not who it's from or anything
old player says:
sure, if you want. and feel free to correct any typos


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