Random Rant - RS PvP

I thought i would take some time out of my non-stop netflix viewing to talk a little bit...or i should say rage dunno yet :P about the PvP aspects of redstone and why i choose not to participate.

What it boils down to is i really regret making Archer my main class. Its not that they are not powerful or that i like items in fact thats the reason i don't like playing as one.

In all game i played since i first started playing online games -legend of mir- i always picked Supporters or debuffers. I always knew they where needed and had a role to play which was i suppose a great boost to my self esteem! however, spending so much time in RedStone as a priest made me feel kinda useless in actual parties cause most of the time i just ended up sitting while everyone did the work with the occasion rebuffs every 5 minutes or so. There was also the fact that i eventually became dependant on others to level up not to say a priest/fa cant solo.

When i started RS again with L&K at the helm i decided to go for something more challenging a class i had never really played from "start to finish" and went with Archer.

As it stands now with my level and gear its far to easy to rack up so many points vs other guilds when i attend a GvG. I know some may say well isn't that the point of gvg. Sure it is but entering knowing you have a 79% chance of winning also raises the question why bother when there is so little challenge.

Its been a long time since i actually went to a GvG with the hopes or even intentions of winning and when i do go i always give others a handicap by either using some random low level bow which surprisingly no one has caught on to yet ^^

My current build which people are often times shocked by or dont believe is
Power - 15+1095 Alacrity - 822+261 Health - 26+763 Luck - 5+2449
Knowledge - 10+80 Wisdom - 4207+272 Charisma - 10+348

Even like this i still have 8110 unbuffed HP. I was trolling around During SW and the few GvG's i attended and what really made me upset is how much damage i STILL have.

My Seeker deals average of 100-150 Damage with Glider dealing 30-50 Damage. This means even as Wisdom with no points added into power as Archer i am still able to deal the same damage as roughly 60% of the players in this server.

One thing that has put a smile on my face is im able to deal 10k Damage still to mobs with my low Power so ye thats fun.

Wish i had picked Necromancer as my main class that way i would not have to deal with the pressure of being a High level Power based class.

I could relax chit chat troll around and blame my ineffectiveness or happy go luck nature on the players for having high resistance.

LOL seems like "White Girl Problems" i bet so many would love to be high level but god its so stressful.

Maybe next week ill make a full alacrity Archer/Lancer i know i put a smile on peoples faces when they see there chars "tanking" a level 800 lancer ^^ until they notice that somethings up since im doing only 1~3 dmg.


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