Teach me how to Arch

I really am hating the lack of useful Bow's for Archer. All the Bows are either Slow as hell (1.60 Speed) Have really low Damage 50~ or just have no good options added to them.

Lets Look At the Final 3 Bows for Archer based on level (only listing useful options on bows)

Level 784
Blazer Device

86 - 94 Damage
1.50 Speed

210% Damage
15% Attack Speed

Level 749
Horn Composite Bow

84-92 Damage
1.50 Speed

250% Damage
+4 Skill

Level 722
Bow of Knowledge

65-73 Damage
1.20 Speed

1/2 Knowledge
+120 Charisma
50% Damage to Animals

As you can tell they offer nothing for PvP Damage (Attack Speed or vs Human Damage) and no real advantage to mobs with PvM Damage.

The Max amount of Speed a Bow can have currently is 35%. There are some nice options on lower level bows but honestly unless i want to be dealing 400 Damage to mobs not really practical (need both DMG and Speed for Glider to be effective)

Highfedlity has 100% Hit Rate and 40% Crit Rate but...56-71 Base DMG and 1.40 Speed Makes for Low Damage. The annoying thing is the only Bow i see as Viable is Eternal's which removes any special or rare factor as anyone can make them... speaking of
Eternal 10
96-104 Damage
1.30 Speed

250 Strength
250% Damage
40% Speed
6% Crush
10% Crit

Sadly the only thing i can do now is TRY to get Harmonious 120~200% Damage.

I suppose in the end im just Rage Ranting because Thiefs get Murdering Circle and Apachean T__T 220 DMG + 150% Human Bonus dmg / 245 DMG + 140% Human Bonus DMG and dont have to deal with the sluggish Animation Speed that Glider has /CRY All i want is 21k Glider with 3 Frame Speed is that alot to ask for?


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