The dungeon of ordeal

The ordeal of dungeon

· Lv400 more characters only possible admission.
-Time limit is 30 minutes.
· No admission limit on the number of times per day.
• The Light Dragoon of heart / wings / skin I can use.
• If you log out and was re-login by forced termination, not go back to the ordeal of dungeon, Back to Stein mansion.
· Each time you admission once, and consumes one Crystal ordeal.
· Ordeal of Crystal, I can create in pieces 10 + fee of Crystal of ordeal (Lv × 500G).
Crystal of pieces of ordeal is available automatically when part of the secret dungeon clear acquisition, or from party boss monster at a certain probability.
• If you want to admission in the party, everyone possession of a crystal of ordeal, level difference of everyone must be 50 within.


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