Random Theory Crafting

As the launch of the Real Red Stone has happened i believe on the 20th the new classes have yet to be released :( i don't want to level up as a class i don't like for this reason i am still 264 and rarely log on. From looking in the Cash Shop i see my monthly expenses as follows

Gate Globe 198 P
Polisher x2 30 P
Two-Sided Frame 65 P
Reflecting Shard x2 52 P
Total 345 P

However once Beast Man is released i will need to reskill and restat 294 P and a Costume 150P

I noticed they added the special Maid exp boost item (100% exp level 1~600) that stacks with sphere but they didn't add the beastman one yet =S

After tons of free time i have been pouring over the little bit of poorly translated or fancy flashy videos to get more experience about beast man the major reason i don't want to level opti until bm is released spoils the fun of the char.

>.< hope it will be fun to play off to find more skill information



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