I can has bouncy balls

After Saving up SP for ages and messing up my orginal reskill (level 40 Melting Eyes FML) with and leveling up my debuff which i NEVER use Radiation i finally had enough sp for bullet proof light which lets my oh god i forget its original name..now bounce between units. I also discovered how useful limit release is currently mine is 11/32 and thats with know items+skill items if i drop below level 30 limit i cant even bounce to the training dummies.

Good News i wont be so useless for long -ihope- GnG / L&K said beastman comming hopefully mid april <3

Random Stats : Level 450 : Radiance Coordinator (Buffs)
400 Power 158 Health 56 Luck
91 Alc 1854 Knowledge 262 Charisma 21 Spare Points


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