In b4 Beast

So update is currently underway and L&K has promised the have the Beast Man Badges available to bad they probably wont be bugged and set for like 1 gold like the maids where -_-x I invested only 50$ into this months RS budget had more set aside but they kept taking to long and pizza is very tempting! should be enough for
Reskill+Restat+Badge+Sphere+Mini Pets+Costume IF im lucky fingers crossed. I have Already been plotting out my skills

Well there are only 3 attacks;

Phantom Blade - AoE x2 Strikes
Trace Cross (Dance of Illusion - Squire) - Single Target x6 Attacks
Finalizing Pound (Blade Fury - Squire/Rending Flesh Wolf) - Single Target x10 Attacks

however i don't know where to put my stats >.< i saw some videos of beastmen with under 1k knowledge doing 20k magic damage :O im currently using my faux optical buffer build was able to pump str to wear 415 Beastman T-Set which leave me with something like 400 power and 1800 knowledge. After i restat i will have 2345 Points to distribute and if i can steal some luck gear :P ill get free 312 luck i want to aim for my typical low tier stats of 401 alc 801 luck but the weaken light resistance hair pin needs about 350 health >.<" more than i want to invest so going to test the damage without one...because i have to think about GD's random "immunity" to magic so ill have about 1500 stat points maybe shoot for 1k power 500 know :S any ways im eager to finally get to grinding been taking it easy and leeching or getting plvld by tamers which i hate!

3 hours 15


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